All New Cristmas Sweaters!

Everyone loves a good Christmas Sweater. Now you can get one if you got to These sweaters are amazing and beutiful.

These sweaters are made by someone named Bob Felon. Bob Felon said that he makes these by hand every winter and that is why there is a limited stock. He said he was inspired by the movie Brave to make these when he saw the scene of the mother sewing the cloths together. Bob said that he can sincerily relate to the movie when he told us this. I just found a new love for sewing after seeing that sweet mom make those cloths for her children.

Bob's designs are one of the best if I do say so. They are so cool from a bear eating honey to someone riding a sled. They are so detailed and you can really tell how long he spends on his projects. You can also order custom ones if you call (719)555-4238. It might just take him a while to do so since they are made by hand.

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